Umrah visa fee from Pakistan for Season 2020


Umrah visa fee from Pakistan has been a confusing topic for a few months, as the Saudi govt. imposed 2000 Riyal tax on repeaters. Then there were no Umrah visa fees for the first term but the repeaters had to pay a special fee. Several times the Saudi ministry of Hajj announced to withdraw it but practically it was not done.

Umrah visa fee from Pakistan

Now the repeat Umrah Fee has been abolished but a regular fee is implemented. Eventually, Umrah visa fee from Pakistan is 300 Riyal for all applicants. You can perform Umrah several times in a year on this visa fee. In this way, the repeating Umrah pilgrims are obliged but new applicants are paying an additional 300 Riyal as new Umrah visa fees 2020.

Although the issue of the Umrah visa fee from Pakistan is resolved yet poor pilgrims are suffering. They have to pay the extra charges of travel agents as well as the visa fee. A rise in transport and hotel expenses is also noted along with 100 Riyal of medical insurance. Pakistani Passport Visa Free Countries

How to Check New Umrah Visa Fee 2020

you don’t need to check the Umrah visa fee from Pakistan anymore. Earlier the applicants had to check their Umrah visa fees from different Saudi official apps before applying for Umrah visa. Now, this issue has been fixed and according to the new Umrah policy, the approved Umrah agents are bound to apply for your Umrah visa online. So the new Umrah visa fee is also payable by Visa Cards. However, the agents will charge this fee in cash from the applicants. Also Read: jobs in Dubai

Umrah visa fee from Pakistan

Submission of Passport and fingerprints

After the launching of the Umrah e visa system, the original passports are not collected by the embassy. So the agents will demand only photocopies of your Pakistani Passport new Umrah visa fee. The fingerprints are also not required according to the Hajj and Umrah policy 1441. One scanned copy of ID card and 2 passport size phots with blue background are mandatory for applying for a visa. The minimum passport validity should be 8 months.

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Condition of Mehram

The Saudi govt. is going to change the Mehram rules. However, these are still applicable to children and women pilgrims. Both are bound to apply for Umrah visa with their father or husband. If you ask about the proof of Mehram, it will be the ID cards of both parties. The women of 45 and above can get a visa without Mehram.

Umrah Visa Validity

After fulfilling the all requirements including the Umrah visa fee from Pakistan, an e visa with 30 days’ validity is issued. If you are traveling in Ramadan, it will be valid till 10th Shawwal. According to the rules you are not allowed to work or stay for other purposes except Umrah.


Friends, of course, the new Umrah visa fee is an additional burden for Umrah pilgrims. However, they are satisfied as the issue of Umrah visa fees from Pakistan is fixed in the new Umrah policy.

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