Prize Bond Schedule 2019

Check Prize Bond Schedule 2019

No   P-Bond   Date of Draw   City of Draw
1     7500        02-Jan -2019   City Multan

2     25000      15-Jan -2019   City Karachi

3     15000      02-Feb -2019   City Multan

4     750          02-Feb -2019   City Peshawar

5     1500        16-Feb 2019    City Lahore

6     100          16-Feb -2019   City Quetta

7     200          01-Mar -2019   City Lahore

8     40000      15-Mar- 2019   City Faisalabad

9     15000      02-Apr -2019    City Muzaffarabad

10   750          16-Apr- 2019    City Rawalpindi

11    25000     02-May -2019   City Faisalabad

12    7500       02-May -2019   City Hyderabad

13    1500       15-May -2019   City Quetta

14    100         15-May -2019   City Karachi

15    40000     01-Jun -2019    City Peshawar

16    200         15-Jun -2019    City Muzaffarabad

17    15000     03-Jul -2019     City Lahore

18    750         16-Jul -2019     City Faisalabad

19    25000     01-Aug -2019   City Rawalpindi

20    7500       01-Aug -2019   City Quetta

21    1500       15-Aug -2019   City Karachi

22    100        15-Aug -2019   City Muzaffarabad

23    40000    03-Sep -2019   City Multan

24    200        17-Sep -2019   City Hyderabad

25    15000    01-Oct -2019   City Peshawar

26    750        15-Oct -2019   City Lahore

27    25000    01-Nov -2019   City Karachi

28    7500      01-Nov -2019   City Rawalpindi

29    1500     15-Nov -2019   City Faisalabad

30    100       15-Nov -2019   City Multan

31    40000   03-Dec -2019   City Quetta

32    200       17-Dec -2019   City Hyderabad

Prize Bond Schedule 2018

prize bond schedule


lucky draw

Prize Bond

Prize Bond is a certificate issued by the government which ensure you that your money in safe and you can also win a cash prize. For this object people invest in Prize bond. For such people, Prize bond Schedule 2019 has much significance for the individuals who want to change their life. Prize Bond is the best way to test your luck. It is the only legal method to make money over night and change your fate.

Prize bond is kept running under the umbrela of National Savings and is the main lawful technique to profit over night and change your life. Like cash notes, prize bond is a conveyor instrument whose possession has a place with the holder. Prize Bond conspire is viewed as gold speculation. Prize Bond is the legal strategy for gain cash and end up rich medium-term. It tends to be a brilliant opportunity to satisfy one’s fantasies.

prise bond 40000

It is a conveyor kind of security accessible in divisions of 100 PKR, 200 PKR, 750 PKR, 1500 PKR, 7500 PKR, 15000 PKR, 25000 PKR, and 40000 PKR individually. These whole prize bonds are issued in a legitimate succession and every arrangement involve one under 1,000,000 bonds. You have to wait for prize bond draw and priz bond schedule 2019 is issued for this purpose.

Prize bond lucky draw is hung on quarterly premise under a typical draw technique, with same number of prizes for every arrangement. For example, if the 50 arrangement of Rs. 100 Prize Bond is available for use and on each draw we have 50 victors of first prize and 150 for next one et cetera. Many prize bond holders have distinctive sorts of National Saving Prize Bonds. Prize Bond plot offers different speculation alternatives which is viewed as a superior choice than forex venture, anyway it is overlooked as far as expanding benefit rates.

prize bond 25000

As indicated by prize bond schedule 2019, when you win a prize, You can know here the technique to guarantee the prize cash. The proprietor needs to fill the frame and submit alongside photocopy of legitimate CNIC, unique winning prize bond appropriately marked by candidate, and photograph duplicate of the prize winning bond properly marked by the candidate. Prize Bonds are at first checked at field workplaces by the counter staff, if there should arise an occurrence of uncertainty, it is sent to PSPC. If there should be an occurrence of gigantic prize cash, the triumphant prize bonds worth one million or more are sent to PSPC.

prize bond 7500

Prize Bond Schedule 2019 is refreshed online for guests crosswise over Pakistan. The rundown demonstrates the dates of fortunate draw from January 2019 to December 2019. The Prize Bond Draw Schedule List 2019 demonstrates the insights about all the category prize bond, date of result, day, and city where it is held. Distinctive prize bonds fortunate draw are held in different urban areas.


All draws of prize bond are sorted out by National Savings, a govt association.  This organization issues prize bond schedule 2019. National Savings stands today is one of the antiquated establishments in the nation with a heritage of over 140 years that appeared with the declaration of Government Savings Bank Act in 1873. Amid the World Wars I and II, the British Government utilized this channel to raise assets to meet war related uses. Given the viability and net advantages of these activities, systematizing the savings culture was appeared by setting up a National Savings Bureau (NSB) in 1943-44 as a joined branch of the unified Government of India. Since procuring freedom in 1947, this association stayed operational in Pakistan in different structures. The Bureau was renamed as Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) in 1953 with its capacities and duties in accordance with the NSB.

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