PIA,Third Worst airline of the world

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has turned into the cerebral pain for both public and the administration of  the Pakistan, because of it’s poor administration and budgetary obligations.

Ranking Of International Airlines

The world’s biggest travel site Air Help, which causes explorers to make up for the deferrals and abrogations in flights, has uncovered its ongoing aircraft positioning rundown with Pakistan’s national banner bearer involving one of the most reduced evaluations.


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been positioned at 70th spot out of 72 international airlines in view of their execution in the primary quarter of 2018 utilizing measurably critical information.

The outcomes have been produced in view of client objections, benefit quality, on-time execution and postpones factor.

As indicated by the new rundown, PIA is positioned even under the least favorable conditions trailing simply behind Jordan’s Royal Jordanian Airlines and Iceland’s WOW Air. PIA has the most noticeably awful on-time execution score, offering just 61% opportune administrations.

Top 10 most noticeably awful airlines are WOW Air, Royal Jordanian Airlines, PIA, EasyJet, Air Mauritius, Ryanair, Korean Air, Iberia, Aerolineas Argentinas, Jet Airways and Thai Airways.

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Monetary execution

Debt and Liabilities of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), now stand at Rs146 billion. This obligation is expanding step by step. The accompanying table gives the key money related outcomes for 2011 alongside those since 2004. The money related execution for FY 2011 keeps on being a test with an after-charge loss of PKR 26.767 billion. This was gone before by six continuous misfortune making years going back to 2005.

The pia reported a decrease of post-impose misfortunes of 83% out of 2009 (contrasted with 2008) in view of a decrease in fuel cost, relatively stable conversion scale for the Pakistan Rupee and higher incomes. In any case, in 2010 and 2011, misfortunes again climbed pointedly contrasted with the earlier years.

The airline faces numerous difficulties to its productivity, for example, staffing levels and in general administration issues. A worker check of 18,014 for an armada of 40 flying machine is a zone for audit.

To expand income, the Prime Minister of Pakistan endorsed an armada modernisation, comprising of twenty new-age tight body airplane; four Boeing 777-300ERs and four ATR 72-500 turboprops. These airplane will supplant the more established armada of PIA. An A310 devours $5,500 of oil while a 737-900ER would expend $2,500 worth of oil.

Pakistan International Airlines

Moreover, with a heap factor of 85% and 12.5 long stretches of airplane use every day, an extra 72 billion rupees or 720 million dollars of income would be accomplished. This will likewise significantly diminish the worker to-flying machine proportion which as of now sits at 776 for every air ship, one of the most elevated on the planet. Additionally, the Boeing 777 will be utilized on long courses rather than short courses. This would help lessen the cost of motor upgrade, which depends on flight cycles. In conclusion, 35 representatives making 1 million rupees for every month will likewise be evaluated.


In the late 1990s, the Government of Pakistan considered pitching the pia to the private area because of the industrious misfortunes endured by the aircraft. The legislature declared its privatization designs yet they were never executed. A few stages towards outsourcing of non-center business have been started. Providing food units (beginning with Karachi Flight Kitchen), ground taking care of (beginning with incline administrations) and building, are to be slowly cut out of the aircraft and worked as free organizations.

Amid 1997, Pakistan brought in a group from International Finance (IFC), the counseling arm of the World Bank, to educate on rebuilding and privatization with respect to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Be that as it may, no assention was come to. The administration has had numerous plans for the privatization of the State possessed carrier. In any case, no sensible assention or arrangement has been found right up ’til the present time. On 18 February 2009 the transporter was dropped from the privatization list.

In year 2013, Government of Pakistan by and by intended to privatize the aircraft because of expanded misfortunes by offering twenty six percent of offers and administration control to the financial specialist.

History of PIA

Pakistan International Airlines was conceived in January 10, 1955 as the National Flag Carrier, and fused in the SECP on December 4, 2015, winning numerous worldwide awards since its commencement. As indicated by the association, PIA’s vision is to be a world class gainful aircraft meeting client desires through great administrations, on-time execution, imaginative items and supreme security.

PIA  initiated international administrations in 1955 to London, by means of Cairo and Rome.It was one of the primary Asian airlines to fly the Lockheed Super Constellation, and was the principal non-comrade aircraft to travel to China.PIA was the second Asian aircraft to procure fly air ship by enlisting a Boeing 707. In 2004, PIA turned into the dispatch client of the Boeing 777-200LR. Since 2016, PIA has been slated for privatization to move administration to the private part.

There is no uncertainty, PIA is Pakistan’s biggest carrier, and works an armada of in excess of 30 aircraft.The carrier works planned administrations to 22 local goals and 28 international goals crosswise over Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. It works almost 100 flights every day.

Pakistan International Airlines has in excess of 14 thousand employes. Notwithstanding business flight tasks, PIA additionally claims The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, and the Sofitel Paris Scribe Hotel in Paris.

The carrier’s motto was “Awesome People to Fly With”, and it was given to the aircraft by Omar Qureishi and was once embraced by previous first woman of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy after a trip in 1962 when she embraced the pilot and said “Incredible People to Fly With”, in an outflow of an extraordinary flying background.

Sadly, this time PIA is in declline and causing of shame for the country on the planet. The legislature is stuck in an unfortunate situation because of PIA obligation yet can not privitize it because of the weight of individuals of Pakistan.

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