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Pakistan News is a media venture that guarantees to realize an upheaval in Pakistan’s online media. This webpage is well and really the nation’s Largest online News site since it is a mass gathering that makes and disperses industry-driving substance over an assortment of stages to groups of onlookers around the globe. Our center target is to present to the world a dynamic and delicate picture of Pakistan and to just report actualities with no dread or support.

Pakistan News has landed in the mediasphere with an unflinching expect to present the dynamic side of Pakistan – our country, our haven, our character. Pak News’ approach will never be to wind up some portion of the rating race among media channels. Our point isn’t just to be the best, however to work for the advancement of Pakistan and its residents. AK will present a genuine and reasonable portrayal of the dynamic Pakistan with no ulterior plan or inclination.

It will be an extensive media venture involving a few stages including, TV (News, Entertainment and Sports), Digital Media (Web and Social Media) Print (Magazines and Newspapers), Cinemas and Movies, Theater and Radio soon.

Pakistan News is the gatherings’ leader image and Pakistan’s biggest online News benefit as of now been met with a profoundly positive reaction at its dispatch. The webpage is well and really the nation’s biggest News site as a result of its fair-minded, unbiased announcing and its unstinting adoration and patriotism for the homeland.

Pakistan News is a really autonomous and dynamic online media venture working for the improvement of the nation and its kin. The site’s central target is to depict a positive, pluralistic and delicate picture of Pakistan that no other channel has indicated up until this point. Patriotism is at the center of Pak News’ theory and is a firm devotee to giving every political gathering an equivalent chance to introduce their perspectives and pass on political belief systems to the general population.

Pakistan News is stating that the country has a vibrant media landscape; among the most dynamic in South Asia. To a large extent the media enjoys freedom of expression in spite of political pressure and direct bans sometimes administered by political stake holders. Political pressure on media is mostly done indirectly.
One tool widely used by the government is to cut off ‘unfriendly’ media from governmental advertising. Using draconian laws the government has also banned or officially silenced popular television channels.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has been used to silence the broadcast media by either suspending licenses or by simply threatening to do so. In addition, media is also exposed to propaganda from state agencies, pressured by powerful political elements and non-state actors involved in the current conflict.
According to Pakistan News, the security situation for journalists in general has deteriorated in decade. At least 61 journalists have been killed since 2010 with at least 14 journalists killed in 2014 alone. A climate of fear impedes coverage of both state security forces and the militant groups.Threats and intimidation against journalists and media workers by state and non-state actors is widespread

Pak News have a broad system of reporters. It’s expert and experienced group guarantees auspicious broadcast of data in a precise and credible way day in and day out. We entirely fits in with the set of accepted rules for media given by the Govt of the Pakistan.

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