No foreign dignitaries will be invited in oath-taking ceremony, Imran Khan decides

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chief Imran Khan is ready to set new example by refusing to live in Prime Minister House after taking oath.
He has announced to stay in minister enclosure after swearing-in as PM. He also directed to hold oath-taking ceremony in a simple manner and ordered to not invite foreign personalities.

Imran Khan has also asked the administration to provide minimal protocol to the federal and provincial ministers. PTI had planned to invite several famous celebrities and sports personalities from across the border. “Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sidhu and Aamir Khan – these four people will be invited.
Foreign Office will decide on the foreign dignitaries,” Indian media quoted PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry as saying. Earlier, in a wide-ranging address to the nation after election victory, Imran called for better ties with India.

While deploring Indian media’s hate campaign, Imran said, “If we want to slash poverty in the region, then we [Pakistan and India] must practice healthy trade ties,” stated Imran.”This blame game that whatever goes wrong in Pakistan is because of India and vice versa brings us back to square one..

“If India comes and takes one step towards us, we will take two steps toward them. Right now, it is one sided where India is constantly just blaming us.” chairman PTI said.

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