How To Create a Professional CV?

Professional CV matters a lot in job search now a days. When hundreds of candidates are competing for a single job position, it is important that you stand out in the crowd. In this whole process, your professional CV can leave good impression about your personality. So it is necessary to create a good resume. Therefore, it is crucial that your resume is in line with the preferences of recruiters and hiring persons. Professional resume writers are always up-to-date with the changing trends and you can use their expertise to land your CV into the hands of the recruiters. However, there are many who prefer to figure out things on their own. These tips  may help you in making a Professional CV.

The hiring team of any institution receives thousands of applications from job seekers across the country and they don’t have the time to read through lengthy resumes. According to this situation, your CV must be consisting of single page. Try to keep CV is single page format; it is first tip for making a Professional CV.

how to create a professional cv

The fact that you are sending a CV clearly shows your intent that you want the job that you have applied for. Very few hiring managers are interested in reading objective statements in your CV. Hence, it is perfectly okay for you to skip this section and save some space on your CV.

Hiring team will take interest in your educational background that is relevant to the job role. You can keep information about the highest degree earned and ditch the rest. However, if you have done some certification courses related to your field of work, highlight them.

Give only genuine information in the CV, because now a day, hiring managers are smart enough to spot the difference between fake and genuine information. Therefore, it is crucial that job seekers showcase their accomplishments along with a proof in the CV.

Until and unless you are from a creative field and have a great design sense, refrain from using colorful fonts and heading and sub-heading in all caps. Stick to regular fonts that look professional and don’t cause strain on the reader’s eyes.

Now a day, Prominent companies send their applicants a document requiring them to fill in all the important details. It is nothing but their desired CV format. we can expect more companies sending such formats to their prospective candidates. Job seekers have to be extra careful while filling their details to make sure they adhere to the CV format shared by the employers.

Don’t draw attention to your inadequacies, or otherwise undesirable traits. This rule applies to life in general, too. If you harp on about your huge nose, terrible typing skills or body odor “issue”, people will know — how couldn’t they? You are constantly blabbing about it! But if you don’t mention it, people will probably not even notice. Our flaws are always more obvious to ourselves than they are to anyone else. Other people are too busy thinking about their own huge nose, or whatever. Just don’t mention it. Cover letter may creat a good impression too. So write a really good cover letter. Most people don’t even send them & if they do, they’re tired & a waste of time. Put together a template. Say that you think you are an excellent candidate for the role & then list why. Take the job description & then relate it back to your own experience. A lot of the time, you will be applying directly to the owner of the company — this company is their baby & they want people who love it as much as they do, so do your best to show that.

Use a nice typeface and make sure everything is spelled correctly, that there are no typos & all the tenses are correct (I am currently… I was… etc.). Don’t be afraid to print it on nice paper — a pink CV in a stack of white pages will definitely stand out. Don’t include a photo unless it’s relevant (& it won’t be very often). Keep a copy on your computer or even in Google Documents so you’ll always have it. Keep it up to date!

Keep yourself updated about the Professional CV trends by doing a simple Internet search once in a while to know what’s new in the CV writing space. It will only help in convincing prospective employer about your potential and help you land your desired job.

Getting a job can be hard work & finding a job that you actually enjoy can be even harder. Be good to yourself & try to do something you like — work affects our lives so much, & if every day is hell, maybe it’s time to make a change.

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