Fawad Hassan Fawad and Zulfi Bukhari’s names on ECL

ISLAMABAD: The names of EX PM Nawaz Sharif’s previous principle secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad and PTI executive Imran Khan’s close companion Zulfi Bukhari have been set on ECL, Exit Control List, the sources asserted. Both the names have been put on ECL on the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) ask.

Zulfi Bukhari has been banished from leaving the nation as there is a progressing NAB test against him relating to seaward organizations, sources proceeded.

In June, the London-based businessperson was grilled by a NAB investigative group in a progressing NAB test against him relating to seaward organizations.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) had ordered Bukhari on June 21 to join a progressing NAB test against him. The court issued the orders while hearing two petitions all the while: one documented by Bukhari looking for expulsion of his name from the boycott, and the other where an applicant has tested Bukhari’s name expulsion from the boycott inside negligible hours which enabled him to leave the nation for Umrah.

Zulfi Bukhari was banished from leaving Pakistan when he continued to movement to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah on June 11. Be that as it may, he was later conceded a one-time authorization to travel to another country for six days by the Interior Ministry.

In the mean time, Fawad Hasan Fawad’s name has additionally been put on ECL as he is blamed in different defilement cases and was captured by NAB on July 5, sources said.

As indicated by NAB authorities, Fawad wrongfully granted the Ashiana-e-Iqbal Housing Scheme’scontract to ‘top picks’, illicitly requested the moving of nine CNG stations and furthermore worked in a private bank from 2005 to 2006 without official authorization.

In addition, while being the  provincial health secretary, Fawad Hassan obtained six portable wellbeing units which were acquired at a higher-than-showcase rate, a NAB representative said. The people incorporated into ECL are engaged with genuine cases in Pakistan.

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