Election commission of Pakistan rejected the demand of resignation

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Babar Yaqoob rejected the all blaims of resistance Parties and repeated that the July 25 surveys were free and reasonable.
“We took measures to give a level playing field to all gatherings,” the ECP secretary said while tending to the media in Islamabad.

He has said that Election Commission of Pakistan will not resign. Expressing that following up on Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) appeal, the constituent body asked for the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to not capture political pioneers till after the surveys were finished, Yaqoob stated, “Decisions were deferred in NA-60.”

ECP chose to defer surveys in NA-60, Rawalpindi body electorate following PML-N pioneer Hanif Abbasi’s sentence to guarantee that all gatherings have a level playing field, he noted. Attesting that the surveys were reasonable, Yaqoob emphasized that the ECP hosts rejected political gatherings’ interest for the abdication of the central race chief (CEC).”The require CEC’s acquiescence by various political gatherings has been rejected,” he kept up.

Additionally censuring the require the CEC’s renunciation, Election Commission of Pakistan¬† sec Yaqoob stated, “If any applicant has grumbles then they will be managed according to the law and whines ought to be recorded in accordance with the Constitution.”

“Election Commission of Pakistan expect all competitors whether they won or lost to regard individuals’ order and acknowledge the outcomes as well as fortify the popularity based process,” the ECP secretary said.Yaqoob additionally stated, “One can discover that the 2018 General Election was straightforward by taking note of that surveys were finished up on time in many parts of the nation.”

“The voter turnout remained at 52%,” he said while at the same time including that individuals unreservedly practiced their entitlement to choose their competitors.

Asserting that Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) and EU missions proclaimed the surveys were free and reasonable, the ECP secretary stated, “This is a respect for the nation’s majority rule process.” The ECP secretary additionally noted, “Without precedent for the nation’s history, an overview was directed in 85,000 surveying stations and common governments were requested to encourage individuals.”

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