Do not want to run government from courts: Justice Gulzaar

justice gulzar

Karachi: Justice Gulzaar Ahmad on Saturday clarified that the judiciary does not want to run the government from the courts as the institution’s work revolves around constitutional matters only. During the hearing of a case pertaining to allotment of government land at the top court’s Karachi registry, Justice Ahmad told the advocate general of Sindh that according to facts, it is evident that the provincial government allotted thousands of acres of land.

“Thieves are still sitting on the revenue board,” he remarked. “If the ban on allotment of lands is lifted then your officers will celebrate.”

The judge also stated, “Karachi’s state is visible as soon as one leaves the airport,” and questioned the attorney general regarding the state of governance in the province.

As the hearing proceeded, the SC judge also highlighted how Sindh government officers are travelling to London in charted planes for their children’s weddings.

“Do you not know which officers booked charter planes?” he asked the attorney general. “Where are they getting this much money from”

The Supreme Court judge further stated that every senior government officer in Sindh considers themselves as kings and untouchables.

Justice Ahmad further said that large tracts of land in Karachi has been illegally occupied.

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