CM Punjab will be a clean young man, Says Imran

ISLAMABAD: PTI chairman Imran Khan has said that the start of ‘Naya Pakistan’ will be from Punjab. “We have to provide relief to people of Punjab,” Imran said while addressing a Punjab parliamentary party session in the federal capital.
Reiterating his earlier plans,  PTI Head Imran Khan remarked that the Punjab police will be depoliticised and made autonomous. “We also have to improve schools and hospitals in Punjab. Nation’s money should be spent on improving the lives of people,” he added.
With regards to PTI’s nominee for chief minister Punjab, Imran shared that he will put forward the name of a “corruption-free” candidate. “The nominee will have a clean image with not a single corruption charge against him,” the PTI chief said.
“You all must support this nominee,” he stressed, adding that his decision will be made on the basis of merit and nation’s benefit. Speaking about the General Election 2018, Imran congratulated his party members on winning a “tough election.” Everyone knows that the real battle was fought in Punjab, he remarked.
He pointed out that the party needs to work on improving its system of allotting tickets.“Allotting party tickets was the biggest challenge for me,” he shared, adding that the party members must work towards making the party an institution. “This shouldn’t be a party with any nepotism.”

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