BTC to PKR, Bitcoin Rate in Pakistan

Bitcoin Rate in Pakistan


BTC to PKR value has much attraction for everybody due to which they want to invest in this digital currency known as Bitcoin. For this purpose, they need to know the exchange rate of Bitcoin to PKR. In this article, we have provided a reliable bitcoin calculator by which they can check the Bitcoin Rate in Pakistan and the exchange rate of 1btc to PKR.

Bitcoin to PKR Investment

As Bitcoin is not being legalized in Pakistan, India and many other countries, we should discuss it’s status and risks involved in Bitcoin to PKR investment first. According to all economists, it is the highest risk highest return investment. In simple words, there is no such high return in any other investment as well as risk. So Bitcoin to PKR investment may be called gambling.

Financial rules make it clear that if any investment shows up to 30 percent fluctuation on a daily basis, it is not safe. A known economic analyst had told in 2014 that people were not buying any commodity; they were buying in to the value of hype. We can say it a lesson for those who are still investing in BTC to PKR and PKR to btc. They only imagine the 1Bitcoin to PKR value and don’t care for the high risk factor.

Bitcoin Rate in Pakistan

Nobody knows actually how the value of Bitcoin increases instantly. As hype is increasing, investments are increasing day by day. Is there any other factor by which bitcoin to PKR value is effected? Who will answer this question, I think nobody has the exact idea but has a desire to buy BTC for the jackpot. If you can’t influence an item but make an investment, you are in danger zone.

bitcoin to pkr

Where Bitcoin Exist?

When anybody asks, where your Bitcoin and 1btc to PKR value exist? The simple answer is “in my computer” and when your computer is off, where it exists? Actually it is not possible to understand the algorithm of cryptocurrency for a common man like us but we are getting crazy to buy it. Pakistani Analysts are advising to avoid BTC to PKR transactions and asking to make PKR to BTC conversions.

In the expert opinion, the idea behind the cryptocurrency was to make it an exchange medium but it has been converted into investment itself. People are buying industries, properties, gold and any other thing abroad by BTC online transactions. So we can say that it has become a tool for tax theft and money laundering around the world. 

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Virtual Investment

Bitcoin to PKR and PKR to Bitcoin are virtual investments which cannot be called actual investment. No calculation or prediction is involved in its growth or slump if it occurred. So how we can consider it an investment instead of gambling. As there is no long term value proposition behind virtual currency, it can make your bank corrupt any time.

You can buy Bitcoin if?

Friends, still you can buy BTC by PKR to BTC conversion but in some specific circumstances. If you have a lot of personal disposable income to invest and can bear its loss, you must buy Bitcoin. You are the right man who should play this blind game.

The people who have no surplus money and want to cut their daily expenses for this Bitcoin to PKR investment, should aware of its results in the future. It is not suitable for long term investment; clever people take risk of day to day trading like the stock exchange.

Virtual investment for Pakistanis

Friends, we belong to a developing country even that you can say it a poor country. As the majority of our people do not pay income tax, our tax net is narrow and management is poor. In spite of all these factors, our elite class is investing in cryptocurrencies for money laundering and tax theft. Due to this factor, our economy is shrinking more and the lower class is suffering. Who will tell them the 1Bitcoin to PKR value?

When a Pakistani plane to invest in property in Dubai, he does not transfer his capital abroad. He uses the illegal procedure instead of banking channel because he is not paying tax and has black money. Cryptocurrencies have made it easier to transfer his money abroad. He checks the fresh BTC to PKR rates, calculates the value of PKR to BTC and buys bitcoin online.

So friends, if you belong to the middle class and do not afford the risk, never think to invest in Bitcoin. Property buying, mid-term bank deposit schemes, and small business are the best options for you. On the other hand, the elite class also should avoid this illegal activity. It looks very pleasant to convert Bitcoin to PKR but we should also take in mind the high risk involved in this investment.

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BTC to PKR Calculator

Anyways, if you want to know the exchange rate of BTC to PKR for your knowledge and any other purpose, you can use our Bitcoin to PKR calculator. It is updated regularly and shows the exact 1Bitcoin to PKR value. Please send your feedback through comment, if you feel any trouble in using this virtual currency calculator.

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