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Awaz TV is top-level television channel of Sindhi language. It’s headquarters is situated in Karachi (capital of Sindh). Channel was launched in 2009 and broadcasts entertainment and infotainment programs in Sindhi. Awaz TV is available via satellite on AsiaSat 3S as well as on cable operators all around the country.
Awaz TV channel provides latest news from all over the Pakistan and highlites specially Sind province. It also produces political news, informative news, sports news, educational and entertainment news in Sindhi. Awaz TV network has set its standard among other well-known news channels working in Pakistan.
Awaz TV presents many drama, talk shows, morning shows, comedy shows and entertainment shows. Soomar Sureloo, Hard Line With Shoukat Zardari, Death Line, Subh Jo Awaz, Lok Geet aen Lada, Sonan Khushboo aen Rabeel, and Awaz Night With Yasir Shoroo are most popular.
Daily talk shows
The talk shows named “Hard Line With Shoukat Zardari” and “Awaz Today With Mohsin Baarybbar” are telecasted daily.
Weekly Talkshows are as under:
Sindh Desk
Date Line Sindh
Current morning shows
Subh Jo Awaz
Daily morning show
Lok Geet Ayn Lada
Current entertainment shows
Cinema Classic
Awaz night show
Video junction
Evening shows
Abad Gar
Antar Mantar
Awaz Top Ten
Daat Dhani
Moh Hik Film Dithi
Aanja Aas Baki
Jeevan Jo Imtehaan
Kari Pag
Mazedaar Mehfil
Full Comedy
Previous hit shows
Shaan e Mustafa
Awaz Ramzan
Iftaar with Awaz
Weekly morning show
IT Team
Awaz tv IT team is consist of Zeeshan Zahid, Suhaib, Salman, Shahid A.B. Qureshi and Adeel Ahmed. All these team members shows his best daily.
News Team
Abdul Razzaq Sarohi is Director News and Current Affairs of Awaz TV. Zohaib zardari (Anchor person), Adeel Hassan Tunio ( Creative Head ), Farhan Tunio ( News Producer), Imran Tunio, Ubaidullah Bhand, Irshad Ali khilji( News Producer), Riaz Abro, Saajan Mirani adn Gulam Mustafa Khuwaa are also very active.
You can enjoy Awaz TV live by clicking link given on the top of this article.

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